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Student Voices highlights the work of American University students.

An interview with Marley Wiest for the Julian Bond Oral History Project, sponsored by the School of Public Affairs at American University. Conducted by Cayla Fox and Elizabeth Groux, members of the American University Class of 2020, in Washington, D.C. on September 25th, 2019.

Marley Wiest, a junior at American University and a member of the class of 2021, is the Director of Research and Outreach of Fossil Free AU, an organization dedicated to encouraging divestment from fossil fuel companies. Here, she talks about her personal and family background, the people, events and experiences that formed her social and political consciousness, and the importance of student activism on college campuses and the larger community.

The Student Voices page of the Julian Bond Oral History Project features the work of students at American University. On occasion, this page will feature interviews conducted by American University students with civil rights activists past and present. Other times, we will feature interviews with American University students about their own work in politics and social activism.

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